The head of Greece’s anti-corruption prosecutor’s office, Eleni Touloupaki, and two of her assistant prosecutors on Wednesday were questioned by high court prosecutor regarding their lengthy and still incomplete investigation into Novartis’ subsidiary in the country, with their testimony coming in the capacity of a suspect, no less.

According to reports, all three high-ranking judicial officials submitted a multi-page memorandum accompanied by other documents and evidence, ostensibly in a bid to deflect possible charges of abusing power and authority, as well as perjury.

The same reports said witnesses called on behalf of the trio also testified.  

The development comes after another facet of the high court probe focuses on documents sent by the FBI to Touloupaki, after her request to the US law enforcement agency, documents which she later designated as confidential.

By terming the documents as confidential, they were prevented from being turned over to members of a Parliamentary committee of inquiry set up by the current government to investigate whether an alternate justice minister in the previous government, Dimitris Papaggelopoulos, orchestrated a judicial conspiracy against a handful of the then SYRIZA government political opponents.

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